Let’s Get Back to Work

Our team at FDR is lucky to represent a number of high quality manufacturers that each specialize in different product segments. Several of our manufacturers already offer, or have come up with innovative and extremely useful products that can help all of us get back to the workplace safely. Please refer to the information below and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or requests.

Copper Infused Mesh Seating

Via Copper Mesh Collection

The copper mesh works by physically embedding an EPA registered copper into the fibers of our Via Seating copper mesh. Through this process, the copper will not wear off like topically applied alternatives. The result is a self-sanitizing, copper-infused mesh that has strong biocidal, antifungal, and antiviral properties. This mesh is available in natural and black finishes on the Genie, Reset, Splash and Vista II seating families.

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Screen Solutions

Clean Zonez panels

Zonez has created the Clean Zonez Panel to help alleviate a huge issue in our workplace environments… air quality! Not only does this divide space like any normal acrylic/PET screen, but it also filters the air that you breathe, eliminating any potential virus lingering in the air.

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officesource Screen Guard Collection

The Officesource acrylic screen collection is a perfect option for the quick turnaround projects we see every day. They have several standard sizes and mounting options… from surface mounted to panel mount options… not to mention at a very competitive price point. What more do you need!?

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Egan Table Screens

Egan provides a plethora of options in their table screen category that provide seated privacy with a clean and simple design aesthetic. Several mount options, sizes and materials are available ranging from fabric, to laminate, glass, and Egan EVS materials. 

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Egan Mobiles

Egan provides a plethora of options in their mobile category that not only can provide divide your space but they can also add value to your workplace with writeable, tackable, or Egan Art solutions.

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OfficeSource Dividers and Panels

Your solution to creating personal, private spaces that will enhance your productivity and collaboration with others while giving you the individual space that you need in this hectic world. Everything from full panel solutions to mobile whiteboards… you name it, you got it… and quickly!

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HAT Contract Mesa Series

The Mesa series from HAT Contract offers a variety of clamp on screen options from your standard clear acrylic to a PET material that is both easily cleanable and aesthetically pleasing. Not to mention the standard colors and sizes are stocked right here in Bethlehem, PA!

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BRC Screen Guards

BRC’s Screen guards are one quarter inch thick clear acrylic thats easy to sterilize and wipe clean. Three mounting options means flexibility in any environment. Each bracket option raises the screen up by half and inch allowing for document pass through. An optional scallop is available to pass larger objects through

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Wellness Shield

The Wellness Shield is fully customizable, manufactured in Phoenixville, PA and can fit a wide variety of workstations. Two mount options provide both a permanent or a temporary solution so as not to damage your work surface. This product can be made up to 30″ high from the work surface to allow for the safest environment possible.

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Surfaceworks Divider Panels

Provide peace of mind for your employees and your students. Protective Clear Polycarbonate Divider Panels help reduce the risk of spreading viruses such as COVID-19, while allowing for safe social interaction. The smooth surface makes it easy to clean, and with a wide range of sizes and mounting styles, these divider panels allow you to design the separation you need on a wide range of existing furniture.

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Unique Solutions

Zonez Suites

Zonez can provide several social distancing solutions for the new workplace, from their 4×4 single user suites perfect for the remote Zoom meeting to their Patient care room. The Zonez patient care room was developed to provide a solution for our healthcare providers should they get overloaded with COVID patients. We have now seen it used or specified by schools, large corporations and large commercial buildings to allow for a safe space to quarantine students or employees that are showing symptoms upon entry into the building.

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Sanitation Stations

OfficeSource Sanitizer Dispenser

The Officesource hand sanitizer dispenser is freestanding, automatic, with a reservoir to collect any errant sanitizer. The dispenser itself is also universal, so it excepts any brand of solution you want. This is also a quickship product!

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Arc Sanitizer Station

The Arc Sanitizer station stands are manufactured in America using the highest quality micro-ban protected recycled HPDE Plastic Materials. These stations are designed to be used both indoor and outdoor applications

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BRC now has robust personal protection units that can house everything from trash receptacles to mask/glove dispensers and sanitizer units

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Healthy Surfaces

Surfaceworks Urethane Edge

Surfaceworks is a one stop shop for all of your table needs. They have been leading the charge in easy to clean urethane edge surfaces for years. These seamless and sustainable surfaces can be used for healthcare, educational or corporate envinroments in any application from conference tables to workstations to cafe or classroom tables.

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BRC AntiBacterial Standard Laminate

BRC is a leader in all things laminate from private office desks, to panels, to conference tables and storage. While all laminate is relatively easy to clean…they have a variety of laminate options in the standard offering that are fully anti-bacterial!

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